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JUNE 4TH, 2024

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Vote Veda Rasheed for the Change We Need!

Ward 7 native Veda Rasheed is an authentic voice from the heart of Ward 7. A lifelong Ward 7 resident, mother of two, and accomplished attorney, she has been a force for positive change in our community for over a decade and has served as a fearless organizer, coalition builder, and voice for the residents of Ward 7. A tried and true advocate, Veda has effectively confronted and addressed issues that affect our community on both a local and national scale. Veda represents the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our community to achieve the change we need, and she is ready to take this next step in servant leadership for Ward 7.

A Smart Approach to Public Safety

Public safety is paramount to ensuring the vitality and vibrancy of any community. Rather than just being "tough," we need to be smart on crime. This means recognizing that public safety is not just about policing, but about creating an environment where every resident feels secure, supported, and hopeful about their future.


At the heart of every thriving community is a robust education system, one that sets high standards and provides unwavering support for all students. Our focus must be comprehensive to address the infrastructure, curriculum, and the holistic development of our children. Education is not just about the classroom; it's about creating lifelong learners who are well-equipped to navigate the world.

Equitable Economic Development

To ensure that the winds of change in Ward 7 bring prosperity to all, we must redefine our approach to economic development. This strategy is not about the grandeur of skyscrapers and shopping malls but about creating a foundation where every individual – especially women, people of color, and historically marginalized communities – can become architects of their own American Dream here in Ward 7.

Affordable Housing

Washington D.C., our nation's capital, should be a beacon of opportunity and security for all its residents. Yet, soaring housing prices and a widening affordability gap challenge this ideal, particularly for residents of Ward 7. Addressing housing affordability isn't just about economics; it's about preserving the fabric and diversity of our communities.

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Latest Campaign Developments


Rasheed Responds to Shooting in Ward 7

On February 14, 2024, three police officers were shot while serving an animal cruelty warrant at a home in Ward 7. The shooting forced multiple schools to go into lockdown.

Of the shooting, Veda Rasheed said, "The continued violence in our community is unacceptable, especially when it affects our children. As someone who has been personally and directly impacted by gun violence, I know how insurmountable the suffering can feel when confronted with these senseless acts."



Veda Rasheed announces council bid for Ward 7 in D.C.

Veda Rasheed is vying to be a council member for Ward 7 with hopes of reshaping the political landscape. Raised in the heart of the community in the River Terrace neighborhood, she shared with the AFRO her commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the residents. 

“I am running for the Ward 7 Council seat because I believe Ward 7, where I’ve lived for my entire life, deserves a fierce and active servant leader on the D.C. Council,” said Rasheed.


Rasheed Posts Impressive Fundraising Numbers, Has Highest Number of DC-Based Donors in Ward 7 Race

The Rasheed campaign's December filing shows a total of $19,820 raised from an impressive 423 individual donors; 83% of these donors are residents of DC. As of the last filing date, Rasheed has 351 DC-based donors, the most of any candidate in the Ward 7 Councilmember race.

These fundraising numbers are a clear indication of Rasheed's grassroots support and enduring relationships with residents of Ward 7.


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