Veda's Policy Priorities

Veda's priority will always be the wellbeing of Ward 7 residents. As a DC native and lifelong resident of Ward 7, personal experience and conversations with friends and neighbors have tailored Veda's policy priorities to match the greatest needs of the Ward.

A Smart Approach to Public Safety

Public safety is paramount to ensuring the vitality and vibrancy of any community. Rather than just being "tough," we need to be smart on crime. This means recognizing that public safety is not just about policing, but about creating an environment where every resident feels secure, supported, and hopeful about their future.


At the heart of every thriving community is a robust education system, one that sets high standards and provides unwavering support for all students. Our focus must be comprehensive to address the infrastructure, curriculum, and the holistic development of our children. Education is not just about the classroom; it's about creating lifelong learners who are well-equipped to navigate the world.

Equitable Economic Development

To ensure that the winds of change in Ward 7 bring prosperity to all, we must redefine our approach to economic development. This strategy is not about the grandeur of skyscrapers and shopping malls but about creating a foundation where every individual – especially women, people of color, and historically marginalized communities – can become architects of their own American Dream here in Ward 7.

Affordable Housing

Washington D.C., our nation's capital, should be a beacon of opportunity and security for all its residents. Yet, soaring housing prices and a widening affordability gap challenge this ideal, particularly for residents of Ward 7. Addressing housing affordability isn't just about economics; it's about preserving the fabric and diversity of our communities.

Constituent Services

Constituent services are essential for building trust, ensuring accountability, and addressing the daily challenges and concerns of the residents of Ward 7. As your representative, I am committed to pioneering a new era of proactive and responsive constituent services.